Hey so since I won’t be here (at least not for a while…I don’t think I’m going to be okay enough to be here for a long time…) I thought some of y’all might want to know where I WILL be to follow me over there~ I currently have active:

Barnaby Brooks Jr./”Bunny” (Tiger and Bunny)——barnabunnny
Kageyama Tobio (Haikyuu!)——settobio
Pacific Rim AU!Naruto——ramencompatible

Hey so I’m not sure I’m going to be on this blog too much anymore. It’s been fun but I got replaced a hella long time ago and now I have even less of a reason to be here so. It’s been real.

Makes gurgling noises I don’t feel terribly w ANTED here??„,

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Guess who’s back„„back again„,



          He’ll start. Lips are pressed against hers, but it’s quick. 
          She can probably taste herself on his tongue. And he
          smirks at that, licking over his lips before pulling away.  

                                                     ”Just one for now.”

                                 He sits up, pulling his hair back and off of his shoulders.

                                                                             ”Suppose yer captain would be thrilled
                                                                                       to find out about this, huh?”


              { Yes. Yes, she can. And the low sigh that escapes her throat is just short of a moan, a shudder rolling down her spine when he pulls away. Just one is fine. She’s grateful for it. He’s a lot nicer when he’s comfortable, and he’s most comfortable when affection is on his terms. }

                                                “You say that like your Captain would be any happier.”

                       { But for the record, Unohana-taichou,
                         it was your underling that said ‘you
                         wanna fuck in my Captain’s bed’? }


               ”Ne-e, Yon-chan——
                                        …can I?…”  

                              { That’s her way of asking if she may kiss him. She’s observed that he’s much more receptive to her touch when she asks for permission first and that he gets a little red, too, but she’ll be nice and pretend she didn’t notice for his sake.Sure, her face is still flushed and chest still heaving with ragged breaths from what they just did. Their lips have already been all over each other.

                                                            ———But she’ll ask permission anyway. }

"If there is a whale."


     ”There’s a wave.”


whispers ‘okay’

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